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Intractus Research LLC was founded in 2013 in Hillsboro, OR, USA by Patrick Doyle. Our mission is to help our customers succeed in their effort to solve intractable problems by designing and implementing machine learning and signal processing algorithms. We started out as a consulting service mostly writing image processing and machine learning algorithms in java. In 2017 we are working to expand our offerings to allow online public access to our (trademark TBD) machine learning service. 

Founder/Chief Scientist

Our founder Patrick Doyle brings over 25 years of experience working for software, electronics and avionics businesses. In his 18 year stint at Intel, Patrick worked as a design engineer on the early PC's and the world's first teraflop-level supercomputer. He lead engineering teams in microprocessor design verification and wi-fi circuit card development. He was part of the initial infiniband architecture team before moving to Rockwell Collins Aerospace where he lead teams of engineers developing commercial and military aircraft display systems. Patrick holds 3 college degrees; a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan,  an MS in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, where he studied telecom theory under MPEG member Dr. A. Eleftheriadis, and an MA in Education from Pacific University.  Click here to view Patrick's full CV (pdf).

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